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Lyziwraps™: Make a statement - save time and money while supporting a healthier environment with these adjustable fabric wraps. Available in cotton, ripstop nylon and poly taffeta – all washable.

Banner Bags: Dynamic graphics meet utility in these fashionable ecofriendly totes. These products breathe new life into durable vinyl advertising banners otherwise headed for the landfill. Each bag is made in Colorado and many are one of a kind.

Banner device cases: Made from both vinyl and mesh banners these cases are padded, lined and zip at the top for easy access in and out of backpacks. All cases are limited editions or one of a kind and made in Colorado.

Banner zip cases: Great for glasses, passports, money, pencils, cosmetics, and more. These cases are as fun as they are functional. Travel/cosmetic cases are lined with washable nylon.

Other banner products: Yoga mat bags are sewn from breathable mesh banner material.

Prayer flags are great for 0 waste celebrations, dorm rooms and more.

Banner wine bags make a fun, contemporary gift presentation and can be used as luminaries with battery operated candles.