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The Lyziwraps Company is happy to offer their products to educational, environmental and social programs for fundraising purposes. The company offers schools and other programs forty percent of sales. We provide sample sets, flyers and online promotions.

fundraisers are designed to promote innovation and conservation in the next generation. When students promote our ecofriendly products they will be raising awareness about reuse and responsibility within their communities. As they tell the story of an 8th grader’s vision, they will reinforce the spirit of innovation within themselves.
Depending on your fundraiser you might consider one or both of the following options below:

Online sales:

will provide an affiliate-specific Web address for online purchases. Forty percent of all orders made on that site will be credited to the fundraiser. This approach requires very little work; orders ship directly to purchasers, eliminating the need to collect money or deliver products. Out-of-town friends and family members can make purchases conveniently, and products can be shipped as gifts with ease.

Pre-ordering for sales and events:

This method works well for events like holidays, homecoming, book sales and school carnivals. It allows customers to see, feel and use the products. Purchasers can take their bags home for immediate use without shipping costs. Products that do not sell can be returned and refunded.Regardless of your choice,

Wrap Race:
Lyziwraps can be fun to sell. To kick off the sale, we recommend a “wrap race.“ This can be done during an assembly, meeting or class. Pick two volunteers, and give each of them four gifts of varying sizes. Give one volunteer a set of Lyziwraps and the other volunteer paper, tape, scissors and ribbon. This is how Lyzi wooed the judges in the original innovation competition. After you witness a wrap race, you will see why. It is quite convincing and always entertaining, particularly if a class clown or beloved faculty member gets the paper, tape, scissors and ribbon.